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The Power Of A Promise

The Power Of A Promise

“Do You Keep Your Word To Yourself?”

The thing about avoiding the answer or coming up with some fairytale version of a lie is that you never, ever get away with it. On the surface you may fool your mind into ignoring and not admitting what you’re doing, but deep down, in the place where all truth resides, in the place where you know and see yourself as a divine being – in that place, you are causing pain and suffering every time you’re not totally honest with yourself. 

Contrary to what your mind wants you to believe, it’s a lot easier to keep the promises you make to yourself than it is to break them. All the excuses in the world cannot silence the nagging sensation inside if you are not fulfilling your commitment to yourself.

We’ve all heard the phrase “THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.” 
Well, nowhere is that more true than when you apply it to your relationship with yourself.

A promise to yourself is not just another appointment on your schedule that you can delay and reschedule. It is an inner contract that you make with yourself, and if you continue to break your contract, it wears away on your sense of self, your trust, and damages your self-worth. 

The potential emptiness created by self-deception and not keeping your word becomes filled with strength, certainty, power and confidence – if you honor your word and stay accountable to what you say is important in your life.


How about make aligned commitments and chunk them down into doable inspired actions?

How about giving yourself permission to mess-up and follow through regardless?

How about you agree to measure and adjust during the process so you know you’re not “STUCK” with a plan that is no longer working for you?

How about cerebrating along the way?

When It Comes To Keeping Your Word To Yourself, How Do You Stay On Track?

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