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Recovery Coaching Services

Recognition of your own addictions requires inner work. It requires that you look clearly at the places where you lose power in your life, where you are controlled by external circumstances.

Acknowledging an addiction, accepting that you have an addiction, is acknowledgement that a part of you is out of control. In order to release your addiction, it’s necessary to enter your inadequacies, to recognize that they’re real and to bring them into the light of consciousness to heal. It’s necessary to look deeply into the parts of yourself that have such power over you, to look clearly at how deep they are within you and to see them as honestly as you can. It may be that your addiction has provided you one of the few genuine pleasures of your life.

What’s more important to you, your wholeness and freedom, or the pleasures that you get from satisfying your addiction? ~ Gary Zukav

In my Recovery Coaching I use a holistic, strength based approach that supports and facilitates a new way of showing up in the world. It bridges the gap between understanding, accepting and transforming the past while embracing the present and building on an envisioned optimistic future.


  • Create long lasting health and well-being.
  • Reconnect with your Authentic Self, transform the mind chatter of the Conditioned Self and finally find freedom.
  • Live in the present moment and find pleasure in simplicity.
  • Move out of shame, isolation and build or re-build loving, supportive relationships.
  • Set healthy boundaries and develop a strong and compassionate “No”.
  • Breakthrough inertia and take loving action.
  • Find true meaning, purpose and happiness.
  • Love, honor and trust yourself.
  • Engage with life from a place of wholeness and joy!

In each Coaching session, we start out by you choosing the focus of the session based on our pre-work, as I listen deeply without judgment, ask empowering questions, engage my intuition, contribute and mirror back observations, hold accountability and support your recovery vision.

The Coaching process recognizes that results are a matter of your commitment, choices, intentions and loving actions taken toward building a strong internal foundation and creating a life worth staying healthy for.

Lori is a tremendous support for creating a healthy and purposeful life. She helped me to focus on what’s important, stay in the present moment, and enjoy my recovery process. Even though there where “bumps in the road” I was able to stay on track and achieve my goals. Coaching with Lori made a massive difference in my life.


  • Identify your needs and core values.
  • Bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment.
  • Achieve your heart-centered goals.
  • Create a clear plan for your growth and development.
  • Attain long lasting recovery, joy and a life of total freedom.

The Primary Purpose Of My Recovery Coaching Is To Foster Transformational Change.

“I believe in the resourcefulness of all my clients and hold the space for their brilliance to emerge.”