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Are You Losing Your Personal Power?

Are You Losing Your Personal Power?

A key understanding of cravings and addiction is that there seems to be a big correlation that exists between longing and finding a mystical state and the euphoric feeling you discover when you hammer out a deal with your “Drug” of choice.

Drugs Of Choice can and do come in a wide variety.


  1. Cookies/Cake/Candy/Chips
  2. New Shoes
  3. Email
  4. Hoarding
  5. Tequila shots
  6. Meditation/Spirituality
  7. Relationships
  8. Movies
  9. Detoxing
  10. Smoking/Vaping
  11. Perfectionism
  12. Black Jack
  13. Laxatives
  14. Pornography
  15. Cleaning
  16. Money
  17. Bungee Jumping
  18. Negative Thinking
  19. Reruns of Bugs Bunny
  20. Gathering Information/Research
  21. Gossip
  22. Cutting
  23. Caffeine
  24. Power
  25. Anger/Fighting/Violence
  26. Gaming
  27. Work
  28. Lying
  29. Sex, Drugs, Rock&Roll
  30. Food Restriction/Binging
  31. People Pleasing
  32. Cosmetic Surgery/Beauty
  33. Hopping On Social Media

In my experience the above actions, when performed in a certain way, create a sense of dissolving difficult emotions, melt boundaries, execute a feeling of wholeness, and temporarily transcend mundane problems.

The intoxication of the above list (or anything else you would like to add to it) lacks many important characteristics of a mystical state, such as bliss, divinity, and the richness of deep, long-lasting insight, yet the experiential spill over can be a sufficient gateway to seduce you and I into a state that leads to abuse and the loss of our personal power.

Losing power doesn’t happen in a single stroke. It is a process, and for most of us, it’s a gradual one.

Are You Losing Your Personal Power Due To The Misuse Of Anything On The Above List?
If So…
How Do You Navigate Your Way Back To Your Authentic Self?



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