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Navigating Your Life In Transition

Navigating Your Life In Transition

For many of us navigating a transition in life can be beyond intense. 

Whether you are moving through a career change, dealing with relationship stress, or maneuvering through midlife, it’s a time of adjustment and reassessment. 

HELL… let’s just call it out “ScaryTown!” 

What happens to most of us is we don’t lean in to what makes us afraid and then we prolong our own fear, pain and suffering.

You May Be Asking Yourself  HOW DO I LEAN IN?

I encourage you to compassionately enter THE UNKNOWN – THE GAP – A time where your old identity and reality goes into the process of shedding or has previously gone TOO-DA-LOO, but the new one has not yet taken root in your mind and heart.

Peeling off your old identity takes strength, boldness, intestinal fortitude and an unshakable sense of self. It is a massive act of courage and a testament to your soul’s evolution. It signifies how much you love, honor and value yourself and how committed you are to what is important in your life. 

The empty space you feel during a transition is literally your greatness signaling you forward while magnifying your authentic life force to rise and shine. 

It is through the revelation of your own light that your soul manifests its inner divinity.

During this time remember to follow from your heart, the sacred heart, not your head. Make decisions and take inspired action from your inner knowing – not from a place of what you think you should be doing.

No more Wishy-Washy “Iffiness” ruling your domain!

If you stay the course, transition can be one of the greatest catalyst for positive change. It’s your big wake up call to align with your authenticity and unleash your core aliveness. 

When Navigating Your Life During A Transition:

Remain patient – keep an open heart with yourself especially in the self-talk department!

Hang out with persistence even when you feel you are at the end of your rope.

Make your emotional, mental and spiritual health as important as your physical health.

Reach out for support, it’s a sign of strength not weakness.

And… wholeheartedly embrace the unknown – become bosom buddies with your uncertainties!

When you move through the uncertainty of Transition with kindness and non judgment you will find the gift that awaits you on the other side of “ScaryTown.” 

Take a look at where you are in your life without judgment. If you’re navigating a transition or dealing with the uncertainties of everyday life, are you needing additional self-care?

If so… what is one thing you’ll engage in this week to bring peace of mind and serenity to your soul?

I’d love to hear your comments.
Please feel free to share your next steps below or you can connect with me privately through my contact page. 

Stay Awesome!

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I look forward to connecting with you!

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