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I Choose To See My Magnificence

I Choose To See My Magnificence

Seeing my magnificence is a daily practice – it’s not something that comes natural to me. I think the two biggest “Magnificence Stealers” that I rumble with are Perfectionism and Self-Judgment. I’ve let these two thieves rip me off and rob me for way too long!

Truth be told there are still days when I get held up in the gnarly web of Self-Judgment and Perfectionism.


I remind myself… I’M HUMAN – NOT SUPER HUMAN.

I forgive myself for believing in the lies of my conditioning and for holding my magnificence hostage.

I sit with the discomfort instead of running away – not always easy but a much better choice then “Wining & Dining” the conditioned part of myself that wants to take the edge off and run for cover.

I move into compassion so I can work through that which no longer serves me and the highest good for the planet.

It’s taken time, support, effort, commitment and plenty of recommitment to embrace the fact that no matter what happens in my life there’s always a magnificence that lives inside of me and will forever burn brightly.

So today I choose to see my magnificence.

In what area or areas of your life are you choosing to see your magnificence?

Leave your comments and thoughts below.
I’d love to hear about you and your magnificence!

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