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Is This You?

My specialty is helping committed, goal and growth oriented “Navigators Of Change” who are struggling through a transition in their life and are ready to make a shift, get unstuck, value who they are, and clarify their new direction with more ease and purpose.

It is my belief that the difficult times you fear might crush you are the very ones that can break you open and help you grow into who you are authentically meant to be.

I use a holistic approach to Coaching which addresses the entire person by taking into account the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental needs involved in creating a healthy, balanced, and meaningful life.

This course of action assists you to move beyond your fear, doubt and confusion and helps you reclaim your Authentic Self and experience more positivity, purpose and joy.

I’m passionate about supporting you to lean in to your fear and uncertainty when navigating change, so you can courageously move forward and finally find clarity, focus and prioritize the next steps in your personal and professional life.


(1)  You are afraid to commit and work through your transition so you keep putting it off.
                                 A Few Examples Of Transitions You May Be Dealing With:
Career shift 
Change in your Relationship 
Caring for an aging parent
Dealing with the death of a loved one 
Finding your identity outside your current role 

(2)  Your anxiety and disappointment from being stuck is so high that you resort to numbing yourself out with any or all of the following:

Negative Thinking
Bad Relationships… Take your pick!

(3)  You know what you could be doing to take care of your health and well-being but your follow through is inconsistent.

(4)  Your past is creating your present.

(5)  You are going through a transition in your life, and as hard as you try to “Stay Calm” the fear is keeping you up at night.

(6)  Your negative self-talk is on auto pilot and you’re willing to identify and release the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

(7)  You feel strong and other times disconnected, yet you know within yourself your life has a deeper meaning and purpose.

(8)  You are not sure of your next steps so you procrastinate or distract yourself.

(9)  You yearn for a fulfilling life and loving relationships but you do not know how to get them.

(10)  Joy, Fun, and Peace of Mind are knocking at your heart and wanting to set themselves free!

(11)  You know NOW is the  time to create the life of your deepest desires.

Imagine if you could release everything that’s been holding you back from moving through your challenge and shift into taking inspired action on your own behalf while creating Inner Strength, Confidence, Abundance and Joy.

I Have Great News.
YOU Can Transform Your Life!


  You are ready to change what’s not working and celebrate what is working.

  You are willing to invest in yourself, take action, and commit to living a life filled with ease, freedom and unlimited abundance.

  You take initiative and are proactive in your own growth, healing, self- development and goal achievement.

  You are curious, motivated and willing to embrace new ways of showing up in the world.

  You have an inner knowing that your life needs to shift and you’re fully aware inside yourself that you have the inner resources to get the job done.

  You never give up and abandon yourself – even when life becomes extremely challenging and fear wants to bring you to a complete stand still.

  You are ready to make clear decisions that are in alignment with your Authentic Self.

  You know your life is needing a breakthrough and you want help from a committed, supportive, fun-loving Coach and Mentor.

I’m passionate about supporting you to navigate the uncertainty in your life and help guide you through these challenging times so you can finally break free and turn your struggle into a source of growth, self-love, and greater meaning and purpose in your life.

“Lori’s transformative wisdom and energy creates real, deep and lasting change. She is a gifted coach who always makes me feel respected, safe and cared for.”
Lea – Toronto

Now that you know the kind of client I work with, the issues I help them resolve and what my clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How I Work with Clients.