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How I Work

On this page I’ll share with you what it is like to work with me, the results clients have achieved and I’ll also give you a sense of my approach to working with my clients and some of my guiding beliefs.


If you are ready to fully commit to what’s important and claim your life matters “Big Time” then you’ve come to the right place!

I Will Support You 100% So You Can:

  • Navigate transition without caving into the fear, uncertainty and resistance that inevitably comes along with it.
  • Manage your mind and assist you on moving more easily through your blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Find clarity and move in the direction of your dreams and higher vision of your life.
  • Release feelings and life experiences that are holding you back from creating what you truly desire. 
  • Listen to your intuitive guidance.
  • Step into the greatest version of yourself and flourish forward!

Clear goal setting, visioning, connecting to intuition, accountability and unconditional support from a Coach who believes in you are some of the most valuable components of my coaching process, and this is a big reason why people who work with me make so much progress than they would if they were working on their own.

I have gathered holistic tools, techniques and systems that are simple, powerful and dynamic in helping you shift quickly, so you can get on track with your True Self and your Inner Wisdom.

I’ll help you embrace change and transition, understand it, and support you to navigate forward with a renewed sense of yourself and a passion for your extraordinary life.

“When I first started coaching I sometimes had difficulty in analyzing circumstances in my life. Lori brought a fresh outlook on how I might be better able to explore and review decisions I needed to make. Coaching gave me the tools that were necessary for me to have a better grasp on what I wanted to do in my job and in my personal relationships. Lori helped immensely in this transformational process.”
Robert – NYC


  • Your strengths, life experiences, challenges and where you are in your life.
  • What you want to achieve through coaching and your desired outcomes.
  • Commitment to your vision and implementation of your heart-centered goals.
  • Your progress, your results and evaluate and adjust your plan accordingly.
  • What’s important in your life and how to stay accountable to it.

I’ll support you in cultivating solid ground so you build a strong foundation for staying centered in your Authentic Self, and master your life from the inside out.

I‘ll help you stay motivated, focused, inspired and give you objective feedback while you take inspired action from week to week.

You will finally honor your place of authenticity and create ways to return back when fear or doubt arise – moving forward with ease, simplicity and joy becomes a reality instead of a struggle.

When you get out of your own way, and find the courage to trust and believe in yourself, you make room for big shifts and miracles to happen!


(1) You have everything you need inside yourself when you trust, believe and have faith in your inner knowing.

(2) You are the master of your own internal essence and soul’s brilliance.

(3) When you listen to your Authentic Self and move from the center of your being you know exactly what to do.

(4) When confusion is replaced with certainty your life begins to take off and dreams come true!

(5) Mistakes lead to growth – never let an obstacle stop you.

(6) By releasing limiting beliefs and old patterns you move into the next level of your greatness.

(7) Keep it simple, laugh as much as possible and carry on with Joy!

(8) When you take loving action towards your highest intentions, aspirations and goals, the Universe/Spirit supports you and advances you along your path.


  • Life Transitions (Relationship, Health, Business, Financial, Spiritual)
  • Prioritizing Health & Well-being (Recovery from Addiction, Emotional & Healthy Eating)
  • Mind Set (Managing Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Negative Thinking)
  • Finding Meaning, Purpose & Cultivating Joy

I specialize in these areas because I am passionate about coaching individuals who want to reconnect back with their Authentic Self, value who they are at their core, and live from a place grounded in joy, vitality and purpose.

My clients learn to love and honor who they are, believe in their abilities, and make life-sustaining changes that impact their lives, their family and ultimately the world.

Now that you know how I can support you and the results you can expect by working with me, you can check out my Service pages to learn about the specific programs I offer.