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Falling Forward, Leaning In

Falling forward, Leaning in

Do you feel yourself wanting to numb out and automatically detach when navigating through a change, a transition, or the everyday uncertainties that happen in life?

Roger that…loud and clear!

I would like to clarify the lens I am currently looking through as far as numbing is concerned. What I’m talking about here is the subtle, slippery, sly ones that take you and I out and screw us of our worth, joy and innate greatness – not just the biggies like sex, drugs and rock & roll.

When habits start knocking on the door of my soul, I notice there is a very short window of opportunity when I either intentionally lean in and identify the truth about what needs my attention or I find myself falling forward into the unconscious vortex of my habitual patterning.

Below are a few questions and practices I ask myself and perform before I fall into my own hairy habitual vortex:

(1) What do I need in this very moment to feel my feet and ground myself down?
I give myself 5 seconds to make a decision. If not, then most of the time I’ll keep treading water, overthink, and then I’m slowly getting sucked into some habitual patterning.

(2) I drink 2 small glasses of water and throw some himalayan sea salt in (if available).

(3) I take 3 conscious breaths and shake my body out.

(4) I check in and ask myself the following:
Am I hungry? (physically & emotionally)
Am I angry?
Am I lonely?
Am I tired?
Am I needing to be creative and move my mind, my body, my spirit in a different way than usual?

If you and I allow ourselves the time and space to create a “Sacred Pause” before we automatically fall forward into the habitual trance of our habits, we can consciously call back our power and find clarity.

Yet… just in case you miss your window of opportunity and lose your footing and do stumble farther down the unconscious vortex of habitual patterning, I encourage you to lean in deeper, wider, loosen your grip and finally give yourself permission to free fall.
Do not resist
Do not fight
Do not freeze
And please do not surrender to the false illusions that try to convince you that you’re unworthy, unholy and unlovable.

Rather… consciously land in your vortex and wait for the extraordinary wisdom that inevitably comes forward from your discomfort of being a Spirit, having a human experience, here on plant earth. Then take the next loving action that emerges from your divine brilliance – rooted in your personal power and new found awareness.

My wish for you is that you always lean in to your fear, find your footing, and know how magnificent you are.

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