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Coaching Services

Are You Ready To Bust Through Your FEAR
And Take Your Life To A Whole New Level?

I offer a variety of Coaching services for all of you “Navigators of Change” who are interested in being fully supported so you can move forward from where you are to where you long to be and finally step into the greatest version of yourself and live from a place of freedom, joy and authenticity!


Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that provides support to individuals moving through a change process towards greater well-being and fulfillment.

I use a holistic coaching approach that combines the integration of your Mind, Body and Spirit with traditional coaching skills. This approach creates a deep, long lasting change because the focus of the coaching addresses all aspects of YOU. It supports you in getting all of you “on-board” with the desired changes you are wanting to make.


  • Ask empowering questions.
  • Hold Presence.
  • Contribute observations.
  • Listen deeply without judgment.
  • Design actions for you to implement.
  • Clarify your desired outcome.
  • Monitor your progress & hold you accountable.
  • Evaluate results & adjust your plan accordingly.
  • Utilize my intuition & accelerate positive change desired by you.

This interaction creates clarity, accountability, focus, motivation, and moves you into heart-centered action and connects you to what truly matters.

Why Waste Any More Of Your Precious Time Trying To Piece It All Together By Yourself?


  1. Clarify your Vision.
  2. Develop a creative, heart-centered plan of action.
  3. Assist you on moving more easily through your blocks.
  4. Map out the steps for you to take to make your breakthrough a reality.
  5. Support you with connecting into your Inner Guidance System and hold you accountable to achieving your goals and heart’s desires.

Coaching concentrates on where you are in the present moment and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be in the future. It identifies that results are a matter of your intentions, choices and actions.


  • Navigate a transition in your life.
  • Love, honor and trust yourself.
  • Clarify your life purpose and put it into inspired action.
  • Tap into your unlimited creativity, pleasure and joy.
  • Break old habits, limited beliefs and create positive change.
  • Connect to the wisdom of your Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Set heart-centered goals and finally achieve them!
  • Create loving, supportive relationships.
  • And… of course, have plenty of FUN along the way!

“Lori helped me to overcome all that I set out to. She was patient, loving, kind, insightful and professional. She let me know she truly cared. I felt fully supported and guided. Thank you again Lori for all that you have done for me, you are truly a blessing!”
Rose – Florida

Coaching Offerings With Lori


Clarity Session

Personalized complimentary session helps you gain laser-focused clarity on the direction to take in your life that suits your unique desires.

A Clarity Session Is Right For YOU If:

You’re feeling blocked when it comes to moving through the fear, doubt and uncertainty when navigating change or a transition in your life.

You’re wanting clarity with your life purpose and vision.

You’re feeling overwhelmed on what to do next.

You need support from someone who’s been there.

This session is a perfect opportunity to discover what’s holding you back and what steps you need to implement to make a breakthrough happen.

Accelerate Your Big, Bold, Brilliant Life (3 Month Program)
Transitional Foundations For New Beginnings

This is a 90 day deep-dive immersion program for committed, goal and growth oriented “Navigators Of Change.”

Receive Customized One-on-One Coaching Support
When Navigating Your:


“Accelerate Your Big Bold Brilliant Life” Coaching Program will support you in creating the practical and spiritual foundations needed to bring you into alignment with your Inner Guidance System and prepared for your next steps so you can manage moving forward in your life from a place of Power, Joy and Ease.

Learn tools, strategies and techniques to make better decisions, create momentum, release stress and fear so you feel focused, grounded and excited about committing to yourself and what’s important.

Together we will work on clearing any energy blocks that may be standing in your way so you can take consistent action and create positive results.

Receive a personalized action plan after each session.

Email support between sessions to give you a boost when you need it!

Personalized Bach Flower Remedy Formula. (When appropriate)

Get ready to create a transformational shift, Manifest your dreams, Up level your life and Set yourself free!

Breakthrough Intensive (3 hr Session )

Fully commit and make a breakthrough happen NOW!

This is an intensive session to achieve a rapid change and a great deal of transformation in a short amount of time.

Receive focused support, gain clarity and achieve significant results in a longer uninterrupted session.

This is where you propel yourself forward working through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your inspired goals.

 Receive a customized action plan to fit your needs.

Follow up phone call and check in.

I’ll help you find certainty to move forward and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Single Sessions

Single Sessions (Package of 5)

Identify the skills and tools needed for you to take control of your future and manage your uncertainty, while reawakening and upgrading your own zest for life.

Private One-on-One Coaching.

A personalized action plan after each session.

Email support between sessions to give you a boost when you need it!

Practice with new tools, stay focused and find stability while moving through your transition.

Master strategies to make better decisions and learn techniques to help you become more effective and build confidence.

I’ll support you to release stress, panic, and fear so you gain clarity and get back on track with your deepest dreams and desires.

Personal Email Coaching Program

If you need a little extra support but you know you can do most of the work on your own than this is a perfect program for you.

Customized email support based on your goals and exact needs.

(2) Emails per week.

Response within 48 hours of your received email.

Receive personalized guidance, support and brainstorming so you accomplish positive results based on your questions and implementation of your action steps toward your desired outcome.

This program provides consistent accountability and directed action steps to move you quickly through your situation or challenge.

“I believe in the resourcefulness of all my clients and hold the space for their brilliance to emerge.”