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Breath Releasing Energy For Transformation & Healing

BRETH™ is a powerful, highly individualized and experiential process that uses conscious breathing techniques to facilitate rapid, dynamic and expansive insights that lead to an enhanced sense of well-being.

The way you breathe affects your whole body.

Full, deep breathing is an effective way to reduce tension, feel relaxed, stimulate past experiences, and improve self awareness.

Sessions Offer A Safe, Fast And Empowering Opportunity For You To:

  • Journey into yourself and your loving heart space.
  • Discharge your inner blocks, confusion and negative thinking.
  • Access your own divine wisdom.
  • Allow your unconscious and repressed thoughts and emotions to rise to the surface for release and integration.

BRETH™ is a life changing healing modality that inspires you to remember and reconnect with your inner healer and the power of your internal guidance system.


  • Transform health issues.
  • Amplify your creativity.
  • Increase your self confidence, inner trust and value who you are at your core.
  • Clear limiting patterns and take inspired action.
  • Release feelings such as grief, fear, rage, depression and anxiety.
  • Plug into your authentic self and your spiritual connection.
  • Renew your sense of joy and abundance in your life and relationships.

The Breathwork sessions that I’ve done with Lori have been life changing. They were so effective in getting me grounded in my body, releasing the many layers of old beliefs and wounds I was holding onto, and brought me to a deep place of appreciation and gratitude for my life and purpose. Thank you so much Lori for holding a loving and supportive space for me to journey to where I needed to go. I could feel you always by my side and your compassionate, healing nature was super reassuring. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is committed and dedicated to making big shifts in a short amount of time.
Bridgit–Queens, NY

The emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of Breathwork are profound. Experiences range from deep physical relaxation, emotional release, psychological understanding, and expanded spiritual experiences.

Breathwork is a way to accelerate your dreams, intentions and your soul’s calling. This means whatever wants to emerge at a deeper level in your life has the potential to come forward, expand and manifest.

The Breathwork I use in my practice is called BRETH™.

It was developed by shamanic healer Kamala Hope Campbell who has worked and trained with Stanislav Grof, Timothy Leary and John Lilly. Kamala was inspired to design this powerful healing modality through her connection with the dolphins and whales.

These highly attuned beings offer a vision of life based on individual cooperation, community support, a high sense of alignment, and loving playfulness.

It is by opening our hearts, mind, and breath that we connect with and nourish this vision.


Give yourself the gift of conscious breath… I promise it is well worth it.