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Lori Quirk is a passionate, committed, conscious soul whose presence is a gift to all who encounter her. Her life’s work is all about transformation and supporting others in embodying their greatness.”

Joseph–Brooklyn, NY

Before I started coaching with Lori I was an “Emotional Reactor” to so many situations. I found myself quick to answer in a defensive manner. After working with Lori, who challenged me in the most gentle manner, I came to realize why I did this and how to change this part of myself that I knew was keeping me in a rut both personally and professionally. She is insightful, kind, supportive and knows exactly the right questions to ask. Coaching with Lori has completely changed my life.

Terri–Brooklyn, NY

Lori’s warmth and tremendous care set a strong basis for her coaching.


What I felt most during my Coaching with Lori is how beautifully she listens… She feels what I’m saying with her mind, body and soul and then asks a question that allows me to pause and reflect on the truth of what I just said. I always learned more about myself after our session and then was able to take action based on my new learnings.

Adriana–Queens, NY

Sometimes in life I can get stuck in not seeing the bigger picture. Lori mentioned one day that when one focuses on the tree they loose sight of the forest, the bigger picture. Working as a coach, Lori brought new perspectives and insights that I had overlooked or were unaware of. Now I literally take a step backward to get a better view of issues I am confronting. Working with Lori I was able to actualize, in real time, a new perspective on life situations.


Coaching with Lori made a huge difference in my life. I’m a goal-oriented person who desires structure to my day. Lori helped me to assess, prioritize and organize my goals, which enabled me to accomplish much more than I thought was possible. Lori encouraged me to stay present, focus in the moment and enjoy the process while achieving short and long-term goals. I am now aware of my 24 character strengths, mindful of my inner thoughts and more optimistic about today and my future. Lori is a great support for creating an authentic life.


Lori’s compassionate energy creates a safe space for me to open up so that I can understand myself and my old patterns in a very non-judgmental way. I am so grateful for every moment I get to spend with Lori. I recommend Lori’s coaching services to anyone who is ready for a powerful catalyst for their growth and transformation.


Lori is a warm, compassionate and caring Coach. She is a great listener and takes the time out to understand all of her clients. She is inspirational and exudes nothing but positive vibes. Lori has a unique coaching style and would be a benefit for anyone that wants to make a change in their life. I not only call her my Coach but in addition an exceptional human being.

Laura–Long Island, NY

Coaching with Lori was an essential piece to finally getting my business going. Every week whenever I bumped into challenges Lori would always be able to magically shift me out of what I was going through and helped me release what was holding me back. She was extremely gifted at helping me see things I wasn’t seeing and also challenged me into the best version of myself! I looked forward to every session and always left more confident, determined and motivated. Whereas, before our calls I was struggling and not moving forward. Thank you Lori! You are an amazing Coach!


Lori supported me to get back into alignment with myself and gain clarity with what truly matters in my life. She is extremely positive, down to earth, and very intuitive. She has a genuine warmth and the ability to really get to the heart of the matter. I found that Lori was very easy to open up too.

Lori helped me to be gentle but honest with myself. Her guidance and support gave me the space I needed to discover the ways in which I was not loving myself and valuing my gifts. She helped me to identify some of the devastating ways I was causing myself to struggle through my conditioned thought patterns. With Lori’s help I learned how to truly honor myself and my needs for the first time in my life. I am committed to treating myself kindly and taking care of my mind, body and spirit.

I have learned more effective ways to shift circumstances in my life instead of yelling & verbally abusing myself inside my head. I also had the courage to step into my personal power and start my own business, which I am continuing to build and follow through with. In the past, I would have convinced myself I could not do it and give up…thank you Lori!

I highly recommend working with Lori because she is amazing at supporting you in your transformation process.


I feel blessed to have worked with Lori Quirk over the past 15 months. She possesses everything I wanted in a coach. She is insightful, caring, positive, knowledgeable, conscientious and intuitive. This has been a time of great personal change for me and I felt Lori was with me every step of the way, cheering me on and giving me the counsel and support I needed to move forward.  Lori is someone you want on your team!

Joyce–Westchester, NY