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I’m Lori Quirk a Certified Life and Recovery Coach.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Think of this site as a “Catalyst” for those of you who are struggling with making a Big Change or Navigating a Transition in your Life.

I offer support… to motivate, to accelerate, and to facilitate transformational shifts in thinking, feeling, being and doing.

I trust you’ll enjoy what you find here and come back often!

How Do You Face The Uncertainty of Navigating A Life Transition While Staying Grounded And Centered Inside Yourself?

Life Transitions are challenging because they force you to let go of what’s familiar and face the future with a feeling of uncertainty, vulnerability, and unpredictability. They can leave you feeling completely caught off guard, thrown into a personal hell storm, confused, frozen, sad, avoidant, angry, and questioning your very own existence.

Career/Job Change
Relationship Stress
Work-Life Balance
Loss Of A Loved One
Mid-Life Anxiety
Starting A Small Business
Prioritizing Your Health And Well-Being

The MOST powerful thing you can do when moving through a transition is lean in to your fear and your resistance. Most folks don’t know this, and instead when fear or resistance comes up in transition, they turn away, numb out or shut down. The more you can lean in, the more you can accept your discomfort, then the more you open yourself up to the gift that has been waiting to shine its light and give rise to your Inner Greatness and Unstoppable Joy.


(1)  Do you have fear & uncertainty about your Life, Career, Finances, or Relationships?

(2)  Depressed? Anxious? Stressed?

(3)  Do you hold onto outdated beliefs about yourself?

(4)  Are you stuck in a job, relationship or lifestyle that does not honor who you are anymore?

(5)  Is adjusting to a new change in your life making you super uneasy?

(6)  Do you want to feel empowered to move beyond your limitations, cravings and emotional triggers so you can reclaim your health, well-being and greater life satisfaction?

(7)  Are you stuck in between feeling sad for what’s leaving and excited about what’s to come, and it feels like you’re on a roller coaster of emotions?

(8)  Do you wonder what’s next in your recovery from an addiction or health challenge?

(9)  Having difficulty taking care of your own needs?

(10)  Do you need clarity & support from a mentor who’s been there?


I understand those feelings of worry, frustration, confusion, fear, and helplessness you may be experiencing.

I have had many complex and unexpected changes in my own life and I’ve had to work through these challenges and there consequences in order to make sense of them and reframe them in terms of a meaningful transformation.

My education, skill, work/life experience, and self-development journey have provided me with a solid foundation for working with individuals from many different backgrounds, living with a variety of challenges. I have spent several years supporting others to explore and breakthrough these sometimes very scary and lonely places and help them create a new sense of self and life that brings greater joy, purpose and authenticity.

I’ll work with you to realize the strengths you already have and develop those strengths so you learn how to cope and manage change, transition, uncertainty and the unpredictability of every day life.

I know how to support you and get to the bottom of why you are struggling and heal it at a core level so you can rediscover your POWER and unleash it in the most authentic way. When you call back your power, you create a life that is in alignment with your true essence and your heart’s desire.

Lori has been very instrumental in me making major shifts in my life. Blockages I never knew even existed came up. I have gone from eating out of emotion with no brakes, not drinking water, not moving in my business to drinking 64 oz of water a day, no sugar or carbs in my diet and walking ¼ mile every day. I have new goals, a fresh outlook on my business, I am attracting my ideal clients and I’m clear on my life mission.
Rose – Florida


Change is situational. It is a one-time occurrence: you change jobs, change clothes, change living arrangements. Change is a shift from one person, place or thing to another.

Transition is psychological. It is the ongoing reorientation process of dealing with a change.
Transition is letting go of how things were and embracing how things might become.

Some changes and life transitions are welcomed and others are inconvenient and in some cases extreme.

Whether positive or negative, change and transition cause you to leave behind the familiar and strengthen you to adjust to new ways of showing up in the world.

Navigating your transition represents a path to the next phase of your brilliant transformation and your magnificent life!


I encourage you to take the plunge and listen to your heart.

Move forward with support… guided by a mentor who’s been there.

The first step to take in creating your Breakthrough is to get my Free Report “How To Keep Your Sanity + Thrive Through Your Transition!” by putting your Name and Email address in the box below.